The theory of Black and White

The theory of black and white cat toys

This basically came out of nowhere for me, but when it did, it was so obvious!

So, my studies in feline psychology, mind and anatomy has taught me that cats definitely sees the world different from us humans. So lets not hope for anything different and let cats be cats.

The cat has very little use of color in its life, well at least if you look at its natural instincts like playing with what nature gives him or when hunting for prey.
Life as an indoor cat is a little bit different as we buy the most vivid colored toys we can find and hope that "My princess will only love pink toys"
I know the facts - but I still do that, though! :D

What cats need is contrast. Basically, contrast is the difference between something in the foreground and the background, or two very visually different items next to each other or in comparison.

My best example is of course - Black and White.

Cats are not color blind, but they have a hard time seeing red/pink/yellow while they see blue/green much better.
It is hard to edit a photo correctly to how they see things, but you will get the idea with the grayscale photos below.

The theory of black and white cat toys

The theory of black and white cat toys

The reason why I also want to show you these photos in grayscale is because you can now do this test yourself on toys you want to buy in stores. Set the phone's camera to taking photos/seeing the viewer in grayscale and pick the toys that has the best contrast.

Look at that single pink toy laying on a regular wooden floor, it totally disapears in grayscale.
Do you understand now why your cat goes nuts in the middle of the night? BECAUSE HE HAS NO TOYS TO PLAY WITH - or so he thinks :)

What can I do about this?

This was my thought, and I realized that I need to break this endless cycle of toys that humans like and start to make toys that cats need.
With that said, I have no problem to also make those vivid colored toys, as long as I know that I also provide you with toys that your cats will love :)

All you need to do, is to choose some toys based on what colors your floors and carpets are. Do you have mainly dark floors in your home? Try the white and light toys! It is so simple now that you know it, right?

Here are some of my own toys in black and white: