My loyalty to you

My absolute biggest passion is cats. Everyday I talk about (and with) cats, I learn about cats, I post photos of cats, I snuggle with cats and I answer questions about cats.

Let's just say that my whole life revolves around cats. And I am not the least bit ashamed of that.

Through my large Instagram account, I have been given the opportunity and platform to do good on a larger scale because we all share the passion of cats, and together we can do BIG changes even with small means.

With this opportunity comes big responsability.
I am sure that if I wanted to, I could raise big money only by being sponsored by the larger brands of cat food. I would love to have tons of money to give away to the charities I work with, but this would be blood money and that is not how I work.

If I post about one of the bigger brands and 1% of my followers sees that (31,900 people) and feel trusted that what I say and post about is what cats need - I have totally lost my credibility and 31,900 people now think that bad food is good for their cats.

No, thank you.
I am all about telling you what cats need, and I will step on toes doing it, I already know that. But I am all for the cats and their health and happiness because I understand them better than I understand people.

With that said, here is what is important for you to know:
What I post on social media is legit and you can feel safe with the information I give you. Sometimes I will be paid to say what I say, and that changes nothing. I tell all brands I work with that I will only be rewarded for what I say - not get paid to say what you need me to.