My vision for Furever Catlady

It is time to tell you about what goes on in my mind and why it does :)

So, on an average, I get 3 new ideas each week. My mind is never calm and it would be so amazing to have the possibility to make all these ideas a reality. At least to give them an honest try before they just go back to being scribble in my book.

As I am studying cats' behaviour, both in books and in reality, I see so many holes to fill in what is available today for cats to play with and that also makes holes in the cats' lives basically!

One of the most popular questions to me is related to cats being bored or having too much energy. Both of these problems can cause destroyed furnitures, depression and obesity.
I am not at all surpised over these questions because first of all, people are uneducated or "uninformed" of what cats actually need in terms of activation and second, the toys they need are not even on the market!

Prototype making nights

A typical tuesday night:
10:11PM I sit and wonder about how I can make a wand that is not like all other wands out there.
A poppy flower comes to mind!
So I grab two colors of organza fabric that is left overs from another idea I had a few nights ago, I take my scissors and cut two round shapes and burn the edges to keep them from fringing.

Hm... all my prototype wands have too small hole inside them.
Okay, if I JUST BORROW our three year old's fairy tail wand that just happens to have the purrfect hole inside. I promise to not glue the fabric into it and totally have it back to the origin by tomorrow.

That actually made for a perfect prototype as I had imagined!
I took photos of it and will send them to suppliers all over the world, just to get a "Why don't you just buy these that we already have" back.

The struggle continues...

The toys of Furever Catlady

Obviously it is hard to just make the dream come true over night, believe me, I know!

My vision for the innovating toys that I make for Furever Catlady is to educate the human when buying the toy - telling them how this toy will solve a problem, or possibly preventing a problem from happening. The human will relate and especially if the issue has already started with their cat.
They need to know why their cat need this toy, and how it makes the cat happy. The right toy will actually make the cat happy!

If it is done on the back of the packaging or with a little flyer inside, that doesn't really matter. But when the day comes to decide - I will definitely have an opinion on it =P

Stop putting all your money on beautiful toys that your cat isn't happy with!

Multifunctional toys

Another thing I want to focus on is making some toys that are multifunctional. One example of that is for us cat lovers that always go for the cats in the house we are visiting or having a get together in. Here it would be perfect to make a fun toy to put on your keyring together with your house key and car key. Just take the toy from your keyring and go play with the cats while the other humans are mingling.

This is something so many of us cat lovers do!