Have I told you I have the best Instagram followers??

When it was time to name this toy, I asked my lovely followers on Instagram for advice and the name MEOWLICULES came up more than once.
I showed the toys, both wool and wood, and based on the shape of the toy and that it is actually a cat toy, the name MEOWLICULE were just purrfect!

I am so frikkin proud of this toy because for years and years I have tried to come up with a shape that would fit the need I want to satisfy and it all came from an oval ball that I learned so many years ago is much more popular than a regular round ball.
Fast forward to many studies later, I now know the facts behind this.

Cats LOVE irregularity when it comes to play. If it is easy to predict, it is not as fun.
My MEOWLICULES moves in an even more irregular way than the oval I started out from, and it has to do with the shape of it.


The wooden meowlicule is the one that will truly move wonky when the cat plays with it. The size of it is perfect for any cat to push or spin.

This toy can also spin like a fidget spinner and therefor I also call it the "Kitty fidget spinner"
You can see the spin and the wonky movement in the video below.

The wooden MEOWLICULE is available here


These smaller MEOWLICULES are made of cruelty free wool and especially made for kittens because they are so small. The size is about 4cm long in total so please be aware of choking hazard if you have a "chewer"
There will be a bigger version of this for adult cats available.

The glue that holds the parts together is non-toxic according to the Swedish Department of Health and it holds really well for kitten play. The wool will actually tear before the glue separates the parts.

This small ones will also move in the special wonky way when rolled, but based on the tests made on kittens with these - the balls will not leave those small paws for a moment!