Double Trouble wand. Cruelty free cat toy

This wand has a history and the fact that this wand is now in production and available to buy is for me very big. I took the design patent in 2013 and not until 2019 I could say that my dream came true with this.

I had a litter of 7 very energetic Norwegian forest kitten boys and I noticed that if one of the kittens would pick up a regular feather wand by the mouth and run off, another kitten would chase the other side of the wand as he ran off.

So I started to search every corner of the internet and found no such toy what so ever. Not even in China!
Said and done, I made a prototype and made a concept drawing of it then I sent it to the Swedish Patent and Registration Office and my design patent was granted.

Time passes by. 6 years to be exact, and here we are.
My Double Trouble wand is finally here and it is PAWSOME!

What and why?

This toy is perfect for cats or kittens that loves to play together. Let them play with each side of the wand and just sit back and watch them.
If you have two cats that you would like to play more together, this Double Trouble wand might be what you need!

This toy is black and/or white and is one of my toys that follows the Theory of Black and White

Cruelty free

It was so obvious for me to make my line of cat toys cruelty free because I am a true animal lover. The Double Trouble wand is made with cruelty free feathers from a lovely small farm in USA where the birds are living freely as pets and the feathers are naturally molted and collected for cleaning and are then ready to be awesome cat toys.
I am not interested in using plastic feather because they would be very harmful to cats that would chew the feathers and swallow them.
Natural feathers will pass through naturally and not harm the cat.
WARNING: Always be careful with toys if your cat loves to chew materials.