100% Natural treats for cats (and dogs)
100% Natural treats for cats (and dogs)

100% Natural treats for cats (and dogs)

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I am so happy to have this 100% natural treats in my store. The meat is originated from Sweden and there are no preservatives, no added flavor, no colorings or other bull***t in these treats.

The treats are dried and can be kept in the freezer or fridge if you want to store it a long time, or just in a cool spot in your kitchen.
The bag has a zip lock so it is easy to open and close over and over again.

The bag contains around 100g of treats and the meat is pressed into small burgers that you can easily crush to give smaller pieces or crush to put it on top of food.

Use when transitioning to wet food

Use this treat if you want to make a transition from dry food to wet food by simply scatter some crushed treats on top of the wet food.
The dried treats have lots of flavor just like dry food has and this helps a lot when making this transitioning.

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